Warning: Download is recommended.  Browser version is known to have audio issues.  For those who prefer to test in browser first, Chrome is recommended.

You walk the echoing aisles, alone in a grocery store stuck on a space rock drifting among the stars.  The shuttle rescued everyone else, but it will be a whole week before it comes back for you.  Now you must survive among the ruined shelves, crunching on stale snacks and growing mushrooms in old produce, hoping to keep your sanity intact.

This is your world now.  Will you survive to the end of the week?

Welcome to One Week's Notice

Control using the mouse.  Every day, you will take a hit to your satiation (hunger) and sanity, and you must choose how to spend your action points in order to keep both these values above zero.  Explore the expanding store space to find the most efficient ways to keep yourself going until day 7.  And try not to let the PA system get to you . . .

We are a collection of industry professionals brought together through our love of video games and our service as GDC Volunteers.  We launched this project for Itch.io's "One Game a Month #12" game jam on the theme "Small World," then ploughed on through until we were satisfied with the result.  Please enjoy.