A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Patrick Moffett: Project lead, core gameplay, character animations, toon shader, level design, boss fight, checkpoints, fire hazards, player movement and combat, enemy AI, camera code, door trigger system, dynamic wire color, moving platforms, robot model, conveyor belt, environment models (crane, dumpster, street light, window, street sign, rubble), tutorial UI, audio integration, assorted sounds (crane, battery, jump, flamethrower, footsteps, enemy hit sound), pressure switches, battery model and material with damage variation, song crossfade, destroyable barrels

Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez: Final boss music, barrel model with wood textures, cement mixer, boss fight sound, tree model, robot hover sound, shovel model, hardhat, hammer

Cooper Willis: Fall damage, hip fire when target locked, slingshot trail effect, shot arc

Michael Monty: Player healthbar, UI ammo indicator, game over buttons, menu text improvements, updates to loading screen and general UI

Mike DiGiovanni: UI scaling, stair collider fix, menu skybox improvement, end game explosion effects, debug cheats functionality, gamepad pause support, better targeting behavior

Ashleigh M.: Factory music

Chris DeLeon: Sounds (ammo pickup, slingshot firing and hit), slingshot pebble model, machine whirring loop, material variations for buildings

Fahad Muntaz: Health pickup item with related sound

Colton Henderson: Health pickup heals player, pause/unpause

Rohit Narwal Kumar: Grass shader

Jared Rigby: Water dripping sound effect

Playtesting: Mike DiGiovanni, Michael Monty, and Klaim


Cleansing Roots.zip 52 MB
CleansingRootsMac.app.zip 60 MB


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hi looks like a nice game I tried it but it was unplayable on my laptop, the mouse rotating view was so fast it also lagged a little im only on basic laptop

thought I share this info with you.