Move: WASD

Shoot: Left Click

Spread Shot: Right Click 

Aim: Mouse Location

Interact: E

Pause: P


-Patrick Moffett: Project lead, core gameplay, level generation with related authoring, systems (ability, combat, attribute, mana, traps, audio), base enemy AI, sounds (spikes, spider attack, additional bat attack, game over), assorted art (arrows, dungeon tiles, frog animations, frog spawner, bandaid, candy, attack power), speed boots, game over handling, item drops, font integration, treasure rooms

-Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez: Environmental art (tree trunk, white and green flowers, rocks, post, coffin, crates, barrels, bush, cave walls, web, furniture, bookshelves, bricks with variations, additional tiles), assorted sprites (armor, archer hood, archer character incl. animations), fireflies (including related post processing), tree collisions, sounds (fireball), texture fog, main menu song, death effect, dust

-Michael Monty: Spider (attacks, animations, stun effect, controller), hit flash, treasure chests, sprites (fireball, turret, UI bars, buttons), fireball sound, player stat tracking, health and mana bar functionality, UI buttons, poison status, frog enemy with tongue attack

-Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila: Twin stick control, player dodge, bat animation and attack projectile, stats GUI, various stats measurements

-Cooper Willis: Mysterious cave music

-Adam Smith: Spike trap functionality, spreadshot

-Jared Rigby: Sounds (bat attack, spider web)

-Fahad Muntaz: Player attack icon

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